Thursday, May 3, 2007

Google Reader

If there are websites you like to check out frequently, and you visit each of them individually to look for new content, then you are wayyy behind the times. You are just not doing it right!

Recently, I gave a small presentation about RSS at my office, and here's what I had to say:
Imagine that when your friends want to send you an email, they compose the email and then keep it in their own mail box. They don't send it to your mail box. Then, when you want to check your emails, imagine that you have to visit each of your friend's mail boxes to see if they have left any mails for you. That's just a very inefficient and backwards way of doing things, isn't it? Yet, this is exactly how we access information on the Internet. We go to different websites individually, and check if there is information there which might be of interest to us.

This is where RSS technology and RSS Readers come into the picture. Google calls its RSS Reader, "Your inbox to the web." It literally is. I have been using Google Reader for the past few months, and I am absolutely hooked. It helps me go through a lot of content very quickly. Of course, I give more time and attention to some content, than to others. Nevertheless, the amount of information I eyeball in a short period of time is just insane. I could never peruse so much information without my favorite Reader.

To subscribe to this blog's feed and open Google Reader at the same time, click here.

Here's a previous post on this blog about RSS: Web Feeds and Feed Readers.

Here's a a 10-minute video tutorial on using Google Reader (but seriously you could learn how to use it in lesser time on your own!):

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