Friday, June 18, 2010

Phone-based Computing

Kevin Tofel at Gigaom laments that the Recipe for a Successful Smartphone is getting Bland. He talks about how every new "superphone" being released today is only evolutionary and not revolutionary. He wonders what the next big telephone innovation will be.

My answer: phone-based computing. Basically, your phone becomes your computer.

You want to use a desktop PC? You slide your phone into a dock on your desk. The dock is connected to a monitor and a keyboard. Voila! You have a desktop PC. You want to use a tablet? Just slide your phone into the slot provided in a dumb tablet-sized frame. There is your tablet. Hell, your phone will even be your TV! Just slide it into the dock that is connected to your TV and stream content from Google TV to the screen.

Today’s “superphones” have as much computing power as the yet-to-be-released Chrome-based tablets. So, there is no reason why we can’t have phone-based computing in the near future.

PS: Incidentally, I blogged about this idea back in Oct 2005, long before we ever heard rumors of the first iPhone.